The Thunderstone [New 2019] - Parc du petit prince

The Thunderstone


Spinning Coaster Junior
Height : 7m

Age & Size

Alone : 120 cm
With an adult : 95cm


Not suitable for our visitors with disabilities

A new thrill attraction: «Thunder Stone».
Aboard one of the 5 asteroids, visitors will experience a chaotic journey through space. Will they manage not to fall into the black hole and not to hit the huge meteorite?

This attraction directly echoes the true story of the place!
On November 7, 1492, a giant meteorite from an asteroid landed at the current location of the park and was nicknamed Thunder Stone both because of the lightning and the noise it caused. Still exposed in the town hall Ensisheim, a few kilometres from the park, it is known worldwide as it is the first time in history that men have collected and analysed a celestial object.
In 2019, the Thunderstone returns to Alsace!
The attraction will board visitors (from 3-4 years) on 5 asteroids  for a funny trip through the space. Hurt by a black hole, the asteroids lose control of their trajectory before hitting the Thunderstone. Beware the cosmic shock !




Tariffs and tickets

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Tariffs and tickets

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