Work council

Works council ticket prices are reserved to the staff members, family and friends.

• Adult : 18,00€
• Child : 13,00€
• Famille 1 Jour (2 adultes/ 2 enfants) : 56,00€
• Child under – 1 mètre : free

The Works Council entrance tickets must be booked and paid in advance. They allow an individual visit the day of your choice, during opening hours of the park, for seasons 2014 and 2015 and give direct access to the park, no line at the entrance (minimum quantity of 50 tickets).


Event offer

(The Volcano of passions / The Little Prince Event Space)

For corporate or associative events (anniversary, general assembly, Christmas, convention, team building…), two event spaces are available, the Volcano of Passions (70 max persons) or the Little Prince Event Space (380 persons max).

The privatization of the park or certain attractions is possible after the closing of the park to the public.