(Français) Histoire du Parc en Alsace du Petit Prince | Parc enfant


Discovered 70 years ago by a Turkish astronomer, planet B612 should land during the summer of 2014 in Alsace. The location is the same as the meteorite called “the Stone of Thunder” that lit up the sky and fell on November 7th 1492. Located ten miles from Mulhouse, on the triple border between France, Germany and Switzerland, the point of impact is at the heart of Europe, close to the Ecomusée of Alsace, one of the most favored destinations of the region.

Surprisingly, it seems that this planet is inhabited by a little blond boy, probably the Little Prince and a rose. The fall of the planet should be slowed down by three balloon planets in orbit. Each of these floating satellites seems to be inhabited by a King, a Lamplighter and a Drinker.

Interview of the Turkish astronomer, grandson of the discoverer of B612:

The Aerophile: How did you discover that B612
was going to land on Earth?
The Turkish Astronomer:
My grandfather discovered this asteroid that had just finished its elliptical revolution, 70 years ago.
What is surprising is that this time the entire asteroid will land on Earth.

Why won’t there be any impact?
There again, my telescope has allowed me to make a stunning discovery; the planets orbiting B612 are lighter than air and are not affected by gravity. They will slow down completely and stop any rate of descent. The landing will be very soft.

Why was this place chosen?
These are the famous space-time tunnels that our physicists suspected existed for a long time. B612 takes exactly the same trajectory as the Stone of Thunder; this is not surprising from a quantum and relativistic physics point of view.

Can you confirm that the planets are inhabited?
Yes, without a doubt, I think this is the Little Prince and his rose, but the resolution of my telescope is not powerful enough to be 100% sure. The King is clearly visible with his large crown, the Lamplighter does not stop spinning, but he is recognizable and the Drinker has plenty of bottles around him.

Interview of the Geographer, touristic expert “destination Earth” for aliens:

The Aerophile: What are the characteristics of this area?
The Geographer:
This is the plain of Alsace, one of the most beautiful regions of France and also one of the least windy because it is protected by the Vosges. It is logical that B612 and its satellites have chosen this place to land. The region is very sunny and perfect to contemplate the stars at night.
They will be protected from wind and rain by the surrounding mountains, like a nest. The landscape is very beautiful with, to the West the Vosges Mountains, to the East the Black Forest, to the South the Alps and to the North the Plains.

By whom is it inhabited?
The site is located in the department of Haut Rhin, a few kilometers away from Switzerland and Germany, in the heart of Europe. It is easily accessible by highways; the TGV from Mulhouse is 15 mn away by car and there is a train from the Bâle Mulhouse airport. The region is inhabited by the Alsatians, a proud and united people, who transmitted from generation to generation their traditions by building the Ecomusée of Alsace with 72 houses from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, saved from destruction by a group of volunteers. Maybe the Little Prince wants to do some sightseeing…