(Français) FAQ - Questions fréquentes - Parc attraction Alsace du Petit Prince


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions to our teams. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

The Park

Where is the park?

The Little Prince asteroid fell in July 2014 in Alsace, near Ungersheim, between Colmar and Mulhouse, in the immediate vicinity of major roads. On the D430, between Mulhouse and Guebwiller, follow our signs and take exit 5, you can have a look at our map. Scan the sky, you will probably see our balloons: You are on the right track!

Tethered Balloon

Is the balloon flying today?

Every morning shortly before opening and several times during the day, our pilots make a test flight to check whether a balloon flight is possible. With the help of measuring devices, they determine the colour of the day:

Green: ideal, no wind at altitude, it’s time to gain altitude!

Orange: ballooning is possible, but can be cancelled at any time if the weather changes, so let’s take advantage of it right away!

Red: It’s not for today!

You take into account the wind at high altitude, storm cells 50 km away, the presence of cumulonimbus…. Our pilots have practical and technical training and even a flying licence. It’s a real job!

You come mainly for the ballooning? Check our website from 10am, we will be able to tell you if the flight is secured.

Will the balloon fly in 3 weeks?

Vielleicht! Es ist unmöglich, die spezifischen Wetterbedingungen für die Fahrt des Fesselballons im Voraus zu bestimmen. Wir können Ihnen erst am Morgen sagen, ob der Ballon für den Tag fahren wird.

There is no wind but the balloon stays on the ground. Why?

Our park is located at the foot of the Vosges Mountains. It’s very beautiful, but very windy at altitude! Even if you don’t feel it on the ground, sometimes you only have to climb a few dozen metres to be tossed around! Similarly, when it is hot, especially in the afternoon, we are not safe from sneaky gusts of wind that seriously affect the ballooning experience. Several times a day our pilots conduct a test flight to check if conditions have changed. They want to fly as much as you do, but safety first!

Age and minimum size

What age group is the park for?

Our park is primarily for all children, but also for all those who were once children and have retained their childlike spirit. Most of our young visitors are between 2 and 12 years old, but there is no age limit to appreciate the poetry of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s work.

Is there a rule size to enjoy all attractions?

Whether small or large, there is something for everyone at Park le Petit Prince! Nevertheless, there are some regulations that set a minimum size for certain attractions. Our sensational attractions (the Chain Carousel, the Aerobar, the Night Flight, the Underwater Planet, the Snake) are accessible to accompanied children from 1m (South Atlantic 95cm). Have you already taken a look at the map? There you will find all the details! Safety above all! Some of our playgrounds are subject to age restrictions: the zip wire, part of the citadel and the big swing will delight children aged 6 and over. But what applies to the little ones also applies to the big ones! Our inflatable structure is only for children under 1m20. Children are under the responsibility of their parents.

Is the park suitable for children under 1 metre tall?

It’s never too early to discover the magical world of the Little Prince! Thanks to free admission, your child will have the pleasure of travelling from planet to planet and discovering attractions and activities adapted to their age, and they will even have the chance to board our main attraction: Balloons! We particularly recommend the following attractions: Journey into Weightlessness, The Little Prince and the Stork (in the Little Theatre), Tame Me, The Little Train, The Animal Shows, The Aerousel, The Little Prince in 3D, The Volcano, The Boa, The Citadel, The Jumping Sheep, The Desert Dew, Draw Me a Sheep, Metamorphosis, The Labyrinth…

Is the park accessible for people with reduced mobility?

Under certain conditions, our attractions are accessible to people with reduced mobility, including our main attraction: balloons! If you take a look at our map, you can see the accessibility details.

Am I too big/too fat to enjoy the attractions?

If you are able to climb our attractions in compliance with our safety conditions (for example by enclosing the harness or handrail), then you can fully enjoy all our attractions! Only the trampoline park has a maximum weight restriction of 120kg.


Where can I buy my tickets?

At the entrance to the park there are several ticket offices ready for you. Are you already looking forward to it? Save time and enter the park immediately without going through the “cashier” by buying tickets on our website. Attention: Please allow one hour for tickets purchased online to be valid.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Even though our mascots like to cuddle, we prefer cash in euros or Swiss francs, bank cards, cheques, ANCV holiday vouchers, meal vouchers, Kadeos. We do not give change on holiday and meal vouchers. You will find an ATM in the commune of Bollwiller.

Do I have to reserve my box by phone or by e-mail?

If you have a box, no prior reservation is required. Simply go to the park ticket office on the day of your visit and exchange them for tickets.

Is the Parking free?

Absolutely! And even better: you can return to your car during the day and enter the park again. To do so, all you have to do is request a stamp from our shop staff from 12 noon onwards. There are special parking spaces for people with reduced mobility, buses and campers (daytime only).

I have expired tickets, can I use them for an extra charge?

It depends on the type of ticket. First check the validity of your ticket: some tickets are valid for two seasons. If your ticket expired in 2019 or if you had bought a Smart Ticket but were unable to get into the park on the date you booked, you can make it valid again for an extra €5 per person. If the validity date of your ticket is earlier, it cannot be extended. Please note that free invitations cannot be extended from one season to the next and are permanently lost.


Can we eat in the park?

It is even recommended! Whether sandwiches, hot dogs, French fries, tarte flambée, vegetarian dishes, cafeteria, ice cream or typical Alsatian cuisine, there is something for everyone. There are nine atypical eating places in the park and in the tavern. Details of our offers can be found on our ” Your visit ” – ” Catering ” page.

Can I bring my own picnic?

No problem! Many shady places are available for you to enjoy your home-cooked meals in the best conditions. For a big thirst or a cool break, our kiosks offer cold drinks and ice cream to complement your meal.


Are dogs allowed in the park?

Our four-legged friends (with the exception of guide dogs and dogs for the visually impaired) are not allowed in the park, no matter how well trained they are. To temporarily compensate for their absence, during your visit you will have the pleasure of meeting many animals in semi-liberty that will come to meet you. Do not leave your dog in the car! At Staffelfelden kennel you can benefit from preferential rates:


Contact: Alain Lerch – Le Clos de Gardians


Department road 19


68850 Staffelfelden


Tel: 03 89 57 73 13 – Fax: 09 72 39 29 37 SMS: 06 07 80 96 49

Are the animals in the park unhappy?

The entire team at the park works with the utmost respect for its animals. They are tame. They are not forced to obey. To tame is something to forget. It means “bonding”. You have to be very patient to approach them little by little so that they trust you. Most of them run around in semi-freedom and are happy to come home alone in the evening. We are lucky to be able to offer you a unique acrobatic pigeon show where the animals perform tricks in the air thanks to the time and patience of their keepers.