Virtual reality makes its big entrance! (New in 2018)! - Parc du petit prince

Two new experiences are available to visitors from March 30th:

Whether it sells or not, everyone will fly in balloon this year, thanks to the Virtual Flight with the Little Prince and the Fox.

Equipped with a virtual reality helmet, the visitors will take place aboard the balloon basket, and will be immersed in a 360 ° film that will make them feel the real flight.

The film, lasting 5 minutes, was made from images shot on the park, from each of the balloons.

Passengers will be able to discover the whole park from above, and of course the particularly spectacular surroundings: the Ecomuseum of Alsace, the surrounding villages, the plain of Alsace, the chain of Vosges, the black forest and the borders from Switzerland and Germany.

Another great novelty, for 2 € in addition to the entry price, visitors will live an immersive immersion in the universe of the Little Prince thanks to the first adaptation in Virtual Reality of the work: The Little Prince VR.

The visitor becomes an actor in its own right, since he accompanies the hero on his initiatory journey from planet to planet. Each encounter is an allegory of human nature.

In this first episode, the player assists the Little Prince and the fox in the preparation of a new journey. After accompanying the Little Prince in his daily routine – sweeping the volcanoes, tearing away the baobabs and taking care of the Rose – the player rebuilds an old biplane, takes control of it and flies off to the other planets in the book.

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